Its time for a month of football

Its time for a month of football

Happy days, the FIFA World Cup 2018 is about to start. With the finals taking place in Russia, most games will be kicking off during my work day. Luckily I have a desk job, an iPad with Fox Sports app, and plenty of time during my day to have games on in the background. Before we go any further, lets get one thing clear, I am calling this is a feast of football, not soccer, but proper Association Football!


But today also marked the day that FIFA decided the venue for the 2026 World Cup finals, and its coming to the USA with Atlanta being a host city. There have been world cups close to me back in Europe, but never one in the city I lived. So a bucket list item will be getting checked off, attending a World Cup finals game, and hopefully it will involve Ireland, if not I will possibly have to try got to a USA game instead.

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Anyway, back to this years tournament in Russia. I will be watching from the USA and with Ireland and the USA both missing out on qualification it will be my usual of supporting anyone playing England and hopefully seeing England fail to get out of their group. I will have a passing interest in how Iceland do, the smallest country to ever qualify for a World Cup but I will be kind of hoping that a new country can rise to the top and win the whole thing but its hard to look past the usual suspects, Brazil, Germany, Argentina and possibly Spain or France. I will go with  Germany v Brazil final with Germany winning again.


So let the fun and games begin, well they already have with Spain firing their manager the day before the tournament starts, who will be the star player, the team that upsets the big team, will it be an open and exciting tournament or instantly forgettable, how will the VAR work out….lots of unknowns as the matches start tomorrow.

And in 2026, the USA, Mexico and Canada will get their chance to show the world how to put on a World Cup in the summer and I will hopefully get to a few games.