Changing Jobs

Changing Jobs

After a little over 3 months working with Lanier Parking, today is my last day. It has been fun, met some lovely people, some who shouldn’t be allowed drive and some very strange people. Working has helped me settle into life here so much better than being a house husband. I can now get myself around Atlanta quite well even though I still stuck the GPS as a fall back. 

On Monday I start work with Hennessey Ford in Atlanta and I will be dealing with the layout of the new cars in the parking lot. So lots more parking to do and in some lovely nice new cars. Oh it also comes with a 25% pay rise which is great. Add in the fact that it is a Monday to Friday, 9-6 job and off every weekend and I am happy!  

That leads me nicely to my career to date, in Ireland I had 3 full time jobs in my life. I started work part time in a local pub when I was young, about 14 I think, but my first full time job was with Irish Rail, starting in Jan 1985 and remaining there till Nov 1987. I did work in my old school for a few months but that was more a work experience role rather than a full job with any prospects.  

In 1987 I joined the Irish Defence Forces and started what would become a wonderful 23 year career. It had more ups than downs so overall it was a highly enjoyable 23 years. I have been asked numerous times why I left and it is a very simple question to answer, after 23 years the enjoyment was starting to leave the role and job and it was time to move on. 

Once I took the decision to leave it was all about making a plan for the future. It was 2011 and moving to the USA was not on my radar at all. But going to college was so after a few months off I started my college courses in Sept 2011,finiahibf up in May 2014 with my Higher National Diploma in Media, equivalent to an Associate Degree here in the states. But attending college full time is expensive so I needed to get a job and a friend of mine told me to apply for a position with Airport Security. Luckily I got the job and spent 2 great years there. But my life was about to take a turn I don’t really expect. 

It was early 2014 and myself and Leanne were about to have a conversation that would change both of our lives. It was the conversation that has led me to where I am today, happily married and living in the USA. I have a few posts about that already and I am sure there will be plenty more but back to my jobs and college. The final year in college and working in the airport was a challenge, I started work at 4am, finished at 10am, and then headed to college. Some days I worked longer and college just wasn’t an option to attend then. But I got through the year, finishing my Diploma and even managing to get made full time in the airport. The pieces of the jigsaw were falling into place, except the jigsaw changed with the upcoming move to the USA. 

And now a quick jump to present day, here I am about to start my second job in the USA after just a few short months working, it feels a bit strange after so long in the Defence Forces back home but maybe that’s the way my future career will be, moving jobs, always moving upwards and not staying in one place for more than a few years, or maybe this new job is the niche I have been looking for, the company I want to work for and will stay with for the rest of my career. Who knows but whatever happens it’s another step on my journey through life in America. 

PS I will expand on my previous jobs in later posts