Moving house! 

Moving house! 

I mentioned a week or so ago that we were all ready to move into our dream house. And so on Friday last, closing day on 2 deals, everything  went really smoothly. The night before we went to the Fox Theater to see The Bodyguard and had an excellent night even though one of the main traffic arteries in and out of Atlanta had suffered massive damage due to a fire and had collapsed but I digress and will come back to that on another day. 

So on Friday morning last, Leanne attended the sale of her/our home to a lovely couple while I done a few hours in work. At noon we headed for a bit of lunch and after that to go to the closing of our purchase. Both closings went quick and smoothly, and even though I am a not allowed on the mortgage due to residency rules I am on the title so we now are partners in our new home. 

Back to our old house and a few runs with some light boxes and the dogs so they can get to see their new home too. We done 3 runs, 6 car loads, as we knew the movers would be at the house at 9am approx on Saturday morning and it was nearly 11pm so we needed some sleep, and it was going to be our final night in the house we got married from. 

Moving day has arrived, we were up bright and early on Saturday morning, dropping the dogs off for a few hours at a neighbors house. Little did we know it would be 13 hours later before we could collect them! Again I go off track but that is exactly what our Saturday turned into, completely off track. Our movers had a management brain fart, not informing the truck to come to our house. By the tine management regained their minimal senses it was late afternoon, so movers who should have arrived at 9am, arrived at 5.45pm. And the truck still needed to be loaded, moved and unloaded. This was not going to be a fun experience but in fairness the 3 lads got stuck in, filled the truck and we supplied pizzas for them, they worked and ate, completing the move just after 11pm. 

Friends popped over to help with the move and it was great that they did cause it meant we got more car loads done while we waited on the movers. Of course the day wasn’t going to go smoothly but having friends around definitely helped it go with some laughs and fun. So onto our deliveries, or lack off maybe. We scheduled our washing machine and dryer to be delivered on Saturday as well and rang while we ate lunch on Friday to confirm. Well they had made a mistake and hadn’t got us scheduled but said it was fixed and our washer and dryer would be delivered on Saturday. Well guess what, it wasn’t fixed and they weren’t delivered on Saturday as promised and ordered. Leanne was on the phone again to them and after a few hours of calls back and forth we got a Sunday delivery with 10% refund on our total bill. 

Our other delivery was probably the one I looked forward to most, our new king size bed. We bought the bedding on Friday and with all the moving and stress I was looking forward to crashing on the big bed on Saturday night. Well it arrived, earlier than promised but it had a problem. One of the box springs is to big for the bed. But it will do till Sears get to change it soon, so on Saturday night 2 exhausted people and 2 exhausted dogs crashed out in their new house after 2 very long and 1 stressful day. 

We did have another issue, the house alarm! It just refuses to work properly and after a few hours on the phone with the company, and they can’t get it to work or figure out why it won’t work, we have decided to get a different system fitted, one more user friendly, rather than one thst needs a technological masters or something to get it to work! 

Did anything go smoothly, well a bit of a surprise was the fact that our hook up to the Internet went excellently and within minutes of the AT&T technician arriving he had the WiFi up and running and within few hours he had our TV all connected and even gave us new wireless boxes, remote controls and HDMI cables. 

I will wrap up now but just a couple more things, a big sincere thank you to all our friends who helped, sent messages and have offered support, not only since we started the process of moving but since we first mentioned our plans of a life together, it is very much appreciated. 

To my beautiful darling wife, you handled the weekend tremendously, stress and all. You worked the phones, moved boxes and got our new home looking great already. I love you and look forward to many happy years in our new family home. 

And the final mention of today goes to a pal who is no longer with us, Peter Ryan, who passed away at the age of 33 ten years ago. He was a friend, a football fan and one of the nicest, most mischievous blokes you could meet. Tonight we will go to our new local bar and have a pint of Guinness in Peter’s memory. 

Another major chapter about to start

Another major chapter about to start

And so today we received the message we have been waiting on for a few weeks, we are clear to close on the sale of our house and also the purchase of our new home. It has been a bit stressful but we are nearly there and on Friday we will sell one house and purchase our dream home together. 

Moving from this house will be tinged with some sadness

The house we are selling, and I use the word ‘we’ quite deliberately, is the house Leanne has called home for 14 years and I have called home since I arrived here in 2015. It will be a move tinged with sadness and a lot of love as it was the house we made our beginning. But it will also have a lot of happiness as we are moving into ‘our’ new home, something that we choose and picked together. This too will have a lot of love and happiness as it will allow us to grow our family together. 

Our new ‘together and family’ home

So on Friday, March 31st, one chapter will close with the sale of Northlake Springs Court but a whole new and exciting chapter will begin with the purchase of Willow Chase Court. We have fantastic neighbors where we are, and as we are only moving a few miles we will remain in touch and friends. Sure I will be dropping over most Sundays to meet the lads for football and Leanne will be over regularly to to meet up with the ladies for dinner. 

And as one chapter closes and another starts,  my journey in the USA just continues to grow and I couldn’t be happier. I moved here with 2 suitcases and a dog, it will take a 24ft truck and some help to move house. 

Slán for now