Perspective – The Little Things

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that require some concentration. Today’s post will show how I have to sometimes think about the things that people around me take for granted, something as simple as filling in the date on a form.

At home we write the date as follows, date, month, year, while here in the USA it’s month, date, year. So when it comes to writing the date in a format that is locally recognised I have to take a split second to think it out.

Date Formats

Driving is another aspect I have to think about, something that I was able to do without thinking, like turning left or right. As I approach a junction I do a quick thought of how I will go around the corner, trying to see my lane around the corner and remain in it as I turn. This is something most people here just do automatically, just like filling in the date.

So give this Irish guy a break sometimes, because what you take for granted and do automatically without really thinking, I have to take a split second and think it out and remember I am now in the USA and not Ireland.