Hard to Understand 

So I have always maintained that I would keep this blog non political and not voice to many opinions on stuff I am only learning to understand. I have been in the USA now 8 months and even though I knew of certain mass shootings from news coverage back home in Ireland it is a bit surreal when they happen in the country I now reside in. 

As always there are at least 2 sides to every discussion and I am not going to get involved here about the gun ownership laws of the country I am only new in. But as someone who lived in Ireland and worked on the railway doing the Dublin – Belfast route during the Troubles in Northern Ireland I do have a certain perspective of evil things that people can do. Add in my brief overseas service with the Defence Forces in war torn countries and you can get an idea of what bad things people can do to each other. 

In all of that I met numerous people who were closely affected by what went on around them and they steadfastly refused to be dragged down and it was over time that this thought process eventually won the day. Now how does America approach that? Well first is maybe to recognise that bad people do bad things, and add in unstablity in their mental state, the ability to get weapons and you have a bad cocktail. This does not mean the thousands of people who safely carry guns should be penalized. 

In Ireland were it’s nearly impossible to legally own a gun, criminals and bad people still manage to get them, in Northern Ireland explosives weren’t sold in corner shops but the terror organizations still managed to get them.

I don’t have a firm opinion on gun laws as I am still learning and still forming my opinion but I do firmly believe that guns.may be the vehicle to do bad, it’s in the hands of bad people that they do bad. I do get the constitutional right to bear arms and protect yourself and your property, and the mindset this gives people but government need to act to make it more difficult to allow guns into the hands of people who shouldnt have them. I have mentioned bad drivers before and how they shouldnt be allowed drive, or at least take an aptitude test to see are they capable of driving a car, maybe something the same can be done for guns. This will not stop bad people doing bad things or getting their hands on guns illegally but it may act as something that make it difficult. Just the thoughts of a bemused Irishman. 

Finally my thoughts are with the most recent victims in Dallas and Orlando, as well as San Bernardanio and Colorado Springs, all of which have happened in the 8 short months I have been in the USA. ALL LIVES MATTER. 

It’s Friday!

No matter where you are in the world, driving at rush hour on a Friday is never really a fun thing to do. But today, after a lovely day spent with my wife, we are on our way to a party and the Atlanta city skyline served up a treat with the setting sun behind it.


Today also marks my 3 months in the USA. It has been fun and eventful. Learning the way things are done here, getting married, driving and everything else that makes up my new life here.

But let’s take a small step back in time to November 5th 2015,  the day I left Ireland, my home country for all of my life. Leaving was hard, to leave friends, family, especially my son and parents behind was difficult. I knew what awaited me here in the USA was love and a wonderful woman who would be my wife shortly after my arrival. As I went through Dublin Airport, saying farewell to friends who had come out to say goodbye as well as to former work colleagues in the airport, it was hard to hold it together. My emotions were all over the place but once on board, and knowing Lassie, my border collie, was on board and ok too, it was time to relax and enjoy the 10 hour flight to Orlando and where Leanne would be waiting to collect me.

So ten hours later, and just as I collected Lassie, the girl I had fallen in love with and would soon marry, arrived and met me in the baggage hall of Orlando Airport. We were finally together and I was delighted to be with her.


The visa process had been somewhat challenging, and I will go into that more later on as I progress with blog, but now we were able to put that part of our journey away for a couple of months and enjoy being together, and get ready for our wedding in December!