It is not St Patty or Patty’s Day!

Lá Fhéile Pádraig is the Irish for St. Patrick’s Day, and it does not translate into Patty’s or Patty ever. As a lot of the USA will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day this weekend including Atlanta I feel its apporiate that I point this out early so people won’t fall into the mistake of calling our national day the wrong thing. Could you imagine if people in Ireland or Europe called July 4th anything other than American Independence Day or July 4th holiday.


So please have a drink of Guinness, enjoy your local parade, wear green and enjoy some Irish music, but refer to the day itself as St Patrick’s Day, and the festivities before and after as a festival of Irishness for St Patrick’s Day. Never ever refer to it as Patty’s Day or St Patty  Day


St Patrick is Ireland’s patron saint, he was not female and called Patricia! Enjoy your weekend and have fun. I will be back on Monday with a post as the lead up to St Patrick’s Day grows. It won’t be my first St Patrick’s day in the USA as I have taken part in numerous parades from Savannah and Tybee GA, Newport RI, South Boston and Worcester MA. But this will be my first as a resident so it will have a different dynamic.