Visit to Blue Ridge Mountains

Today we took a visit to Blue Ridge for an overnight stay with friends. Didn’t really get a chance to go out and explore but definitely seen some things to do on future visits.

Our view from our friend’s cabin is fantastic and again the clear sky helps. Just sorry I didn’t bring my tripod and other lens with me as it would have been great for photos of the stars tonight.

Sunset over Blue Ridge

The day was spent sitting back, chatting, drinking some whiskey and relaxing in front of a log fire. Not a bad Saturday afternoon. Few things I did note though about the drive up here from Atlanta; Interstate 285 still scares me everytime I go onto it, how many restaurants does a small town need?, a flea market is a place to sell absolute junk, oh and it can be call junktique, and  potholes here are bigger than Irish ones and there are lots more of them.

Log Fire

Tomorrow we will head home and hopefully drop into Blue Ridge town on the way, if even just to drive through.