Supermarket Chase

So supermarkets here are a whole new experience for me. Yes we do have supermarkets in Ireland, and we do have some quite big ones too. But here it’s about choice and lots of choices.

Grocery Shopping

I lived on my own for over a dozen years which meant filling a basket was my main grocery shop every week and maybe a trolley every second month. I could be in and out of a supermarket in a few mins with exactly what I wanted. I knew where everything was and the choices for some things were limited to two or three, except for maybe bread and cereal.

Kroger Supermarket

Now of course I am no longer living on my own, grocery shopping is now a planned event with meals sorted. The first time I walked into the Kroger supermarket beside us here I nearly died. It’s huge, there is plenty of room, it’s clean and it has nearly every conceivable item you would put on a grocery list, it even has Barry’s Tea from Ireland!

Publix Supermarket

My first foray into the supermarket alone nearly ended in disaster as I was looking for Corn Syrup, an item that would never have been on my shopping list. I knew what syrup was so naturally went to where the syrup was labeled and reckoned how hard could it be!  I asked for a bit of help and even Leanne sent me a photo, how many brands of Corn Syrup does a shop have to stock, well let me tell you it’s a lot more than a couple.

Karo Corn Syrup

Above is the syrup I was looking for and couldn’t find as I was looking in completely the wrong place. But disaster was avoided when a kind shop assistant took pity on the lost Irishman and helped him out.

Of course three months later and it’s a bit easier and I am finding my way around, not only the supermarkets but the area I am living in and the greater Atlanta area too. You are never to old to learn, you are never to old to ask and you are certainly never to old to start afresh.