July 4th 1776 – Independence Day

July 4th 1776 – Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all my friends here in America and  Americans all over the globe, especially those in Ireland 

I am about to embark on a whole new chapter of my life here, so learning about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights will be on my to do list. Over the next few years, all going well I will be able to apply for a US citizenship and will need to know these documents fairly well. 

Declaration of Independence

But today is all about American Independence day, July 4th. This is my second July here in the USA and this year will be different from last year for a couple of reasons. The main one is that my son Robert is not here this year, choosing to stay in Ireland but travel here for Christmas instead. The second reason is the flu, not me but my darling wife isn’t well so there won’t be any tennis, lying beside the pool or fireworks. 

But as usual I start of to talk about one thing and end up rambling about something else. I read an interesting post on Irish Central about Irish signatories to the Declaration of Independence and I have included a link here Irish Central – Irish who signed Declaration of Independence. It’s little articles like the one linked that I love finding and reading. The link between Ireland and America goes back to the formation of the USA. 

And now for another ramble, I love history, especially Irish history, and am slowly learning a lot more about the Irish in America because of sites like Irish Central and a magazine I receive Irish America. Like my post on social media posts and politics, I like to read as many differing opinions as long as they have the facts correct. 

And now back to where I started this post, I will be expanding my knowledge of American history beyond what I already know with lots more reading, researching and listening to various opinions. 

So have a great July 4th, be safe around fireworks, and have lots of fun but remember what the day signifies. July 4th 1776, the day America declared itseof am independent nation.  

As a footnote I have added images of both the American Declaration of Independence and the Irish Proclamation of 1916. If you read the Irish Proclamation you will notice that it mentions America, thus cementing a link between the 2 countries that had existed for over a century already.  

Irish Proclamation 1916
American Declaration of Independence 1776

8 months and counting 

8 months and counting 

Just the other day I celebrated my first July 4th as a US resident. The whole weekend was fun and we went to 2 firework displays, one in Stone Mountain on July 3rd and tge other in Decatur on July 4th itself. The day of July 4th was spent at Briarcliff Pool and Tennis Club, of which we are new members, and it was fun. The sun was shining, the sodas and  beer were cold, and the burgers and hot dogs tasty. 

But back to the fireworks in Stone Mountain, I was impressed by the whole event, from the car parking to the actual lasershow and fireworks. During one part the crowd stood to applaud the US Military and the goosebumps part was when the US National Anthem was played to a crescendo of fireworks and everyone standing a singing the anthem. As a recent immigrant, this even made me proud too and one day it may be my anthem  as well as the Irish one.  

Stone Mountain Fireworks for July 4th

The exit from Stone Mountain took a while as there was 3 different car accidents, all probably caused by following to closely or lane changing to quickly. Both of these things are lethal on the roads around Atlanta but especially when it’s dark and traffic volume is very heavy. And it’s all down to impatience and bad driving habits. Oh and automatic cars don’t help as drivers think they can accelerate like a Formula 1 race car! 

Anyway, onto the July 4th celebrations last Monday. As I said we spent the day at the pool, just relaxing and enjoying ourselves. It was great to have my son Robert here to share my first July 4th with. In the evening we went into Decatur to see the parade and fireworks. Well they called it a parade, but realistically it was juat normal people jaywalking down the street with no traffic! We settled down onto the Square to watch the fireworks, and though not as impressive as Stone Mountain, they were good. Maybe it was because the music to accompany the fireworks wasnt amplified enough to be heard but it lack a bit of punch. 

Decatur Fireworks on July 4th

And so after 8 months in the USA I got to celebrate one of the special holidays for Americans, one thst is full of pride, Nationalism and fun. I will always remember my first July 4th, as it was spent with my wife and my son, the 2 most important people in my life.

Waiting on the Decatur Fireworks to start

The weekend ended with an alarm to head to work on Tuesday morning, and after so long waiting on the paperwork to be able to work it was actually nice to be able to go to work. So within 8 months of arriving here, I am driving with a full licence, I have celebrated numerous American holidays, including Thanksgiving, Memorial Day and July 4th, I have volunteered at Hospice Atlanta Camp Stars, done my first official and paid photography jobs, got a 9-5 job, visited Michigan and the parents in law, got my Permanent Resident Card, and so many other things thst are too numerous to mention save one more, I married my best friend and am sharing a wonderful life with her.