Another major chapter about to start

Another major chapter about to start

And so today we received the message we have been waiting on for a few weeks, we are clear to close on the sale of our house and also the purchase of our new home. It has been a bit stressful but we are nearly there and on Friday we will sell one house and purchase our dream home together. 

Moving from this house will be tinged with some sadness

The house we are selling, and I use the word ‘we’ quite deliberately, is the house Leanne has called home for 14 years and I have called home since I arrived here in 2015. It will be a move tinged with sadness and a lot of love as it was the house we made our beginning. But it will also have a lot of happiness as we are moving into ‘our’ new home, something that we choose and picked together. This too will have a lot of love and happiness as it will allow us to grow our family together. 

Our new ‘together and family’ home

So on Friday, March 31st, one chapter will close with the sale of Northlake Springs Court but a whole new and exciting chapter will begin with the purchase of Willow Chase Court. We have fantastic neighbors where we are, and as we are only moving a few miles we will remain in touch and friends. Sure I will be dropping over most Sundays to meet the lads for football and Leanne will be over regularly to to meet up with the ladies for dinner. 

And as one chapter closes and another starts,  my journey in the USA just continues to grow and I couldn’t be happier. I moved here with 2 suitcases and a dog, it will take a 24ft truck and some help to move house. 

Slán for now



Just a quick post to update the blog on what’s been happening recently. So I arrived back in the USA on December 30th after a wonderful 2 weeks spent with Leanne in Ireland visiting my family. So much has happened since I left Ireland in November 2015 it was great to get home and spent some time with my Mam, brother, sister and friends. 

The goal of our trip was to spend time with my Mam, especially the first Christmas since my Dad passed away last July. I got to say my farewell to my Dad and to spend the time I needed to with my Mam. There was plenty of time in our trip for quality ‘Us’ time for me and Leanne, and the highlight of that has to have been our 3 day trip to Rome. A city thst has the Wow factor around every corner and well worth the visit. 

And so our trip came to an end and a s a surprise for Leanne I managed to get us upgraded for business calls for the transatlantic flight back to America. But before we could enjoy the flight I had to go through US Customs and Immigration. Leanne, as a US citizen, is able to go through US customs and immigration really quick while as a green card holder, it takes me a little longer. But as usual the staff at customs were efficient and even though it took an hour, I was cleared and ready to join Leanne for our return trip. That bit was always going to be a bit nerve wracking but it has to be done and I am thankful it went smoothly. 

And so we are back stateside and life continues. When I look back over the last 12 months and 2016, it has been a momentous year, a 1 year wedding anniversary, my Dad passing away, Robert coming to visit, travelling with Leanne to new cities and counties, starting my career here in the USA, and generally really settling into life here. Being home did remind me of some of the things I missed most beside family and friends, a decent Irish pint of Guinness, a packet of King Crisps, a roast beef carvery dinner in the pub and most of all, proper chipper chips with yummy fried chicken! 

There could be some exciting news coming my way soon so keep an eye out on the blog for the latest as I continue my journey in America with wife. They say hone is where the heart is, and mine is firmly based here in the USA now even though I will always hold Ireland and everything Irish very close to me. Being Irish is what defines me, what made me who I am today and mixing it with my American life can only make it more interesting. 

Happy Christmas from Dublin 

Happy Christmas from Dublin 

I am back home with family for Christmas and it has been a wonderful week, catching up with friends, a 3 day trip to Rome, having a few Irish beers and showing Leanne around Dublin at Christmas. 

Later today all the family, my Mam, brother and sister and their spouse and children will gather in my Mams for Christmas dinner and a family celebration and some remembrance too. 

But I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year

One year in the USA

One year in the USA

I never got a chance to post on Saturday to mark my one year anniversary of moving to the USA so here is a little post to mention some highlights from the last 12 months. 

The number one highlight has to be our wedding day last December. Surrounded by new friends and family it was a brilliant day and weekend. To finally be able to say ‘I Do’ to Leanne was a special moment that will always live in my memory. 

Getting to spend 6 weeks with Robert during the summer was another highlight. He is 18 now and the days that I will be able to spend 6 weeks with him will get less and less so this summer was special. His visit coincided with the passing of my own Dad and it was nice to have him here then so we could share it together. 

The numerous family get together have also been a highlight. My in laws have made me feel as a part of the family since ai first arrived here a year ago. From meeting my new parents in law just before Thanksgiving a year ago to spending a week in Michigan visiting them, attending 2 family wedding, one being my now sister in laws, and my mother in laws Mams funeral, we have seen a lot of each other over the last 12 months.

Some  of the things that I am now used to are Supermarkets and the wide array of choice, driving on 8 lane highways, not going to the pub just for beers, and having a busy calendar. 

Being an immigrant isn’t easy, it involves a lot of changes, some risk in settling into a new culture and a little luck in finding work. I had great support from family and friends and even though we are still in the Visa process things are moving along. There are times I think it home, my friends back in Ireland, my family, especially my Mam and miss home. It’s not homesickness but it is a little bit of just missing the familiarity of Ireland. But Atlanta is now home and I am slowly becoming more familiar with how things go here. People still sometimes don’t understand what I am saying and that’s something I am just used to now. 

Just to sum up, the last 12 months have been a wonderful time with lots of new memories made bit still time to reflect on old memories and of times spent back home. But as I said earlier, home is now Atlanta and I couldn’t be happier.