Life is hectic….. But fun! 

Life is hectic….. But fun! 

So where have I been for the last 3 weeks since my last post on blog. Well it has been a full and interesting 3 weeks. Let’s go back to the beginning of February when life just got a bit more full of things to do. Everyday stuff like work, walking the dogs, meeting friends etc continued. We had just watched Atlanta lose the Superbowl on heartbreaking fashion with our friends so instead of a big party it kind of just died off. 

But life goes on, sport will always give you great enjoyment, some horrible heartbreak but at the end of the day, life goes on. As an Irishman here in Atlanta I was delighted to see a city of 6 million getting behind Atlanta, now if only people back home would get behind their local team in football ot would be fantastic. But that’s a rant for a while other day. 

February consisted of 2 concerts, one theater outing and a movie night. So let’s start with concert number 1, Bon Jovi in the Philips Arena in Atlanta, well let’s just say the rockers rocked Atlanta in what was a brilliant performance. We followed that up with the Atlanta Symphony playing the tunes of my favorite artists, Simon and Garfunkel. If Bon Jovi rocked it, the Symphony absolutely nailed it with their performance and the duo singing the songs were superb. We end our month of culture tonight as we head to the Fox Theater for Phantom of the Opera. 

Why do I mention all this, well it shows how different my life is here than to back home in Ireland. I may have attended a concert every few years, but I never would have gone to the theater or symphony. These opportunities are available because I am married to a wonderful woman who loves these things and I have embraced everything from she loves and I am loving it. 

As an recent immigrant, I find that by embracing the culture that you are surrounded by certainly helps with the transition into American life. When I came here I hated ordering in restaurants as they couldn’t understand me, even though I did speak English, but now I am more comfortable even if they don’t get what I am saying for sometimes, it’s just the way it is and I am getting used to it. 

But back to the hectic life of the last 3 weeks. In January I was going through an interview process for a new job which entailed numerous tests and intercession and I made it through the selection and next Monday I will start my new job as a trainee Auto Damage Adjuster with Geico insurance. This will be a challenge involving learning a whole new skill set to add to the skills I already have. I will miss working with a great bunch of people at Hennessy Ford but the opportunity to change jobs and have a career with Geico was to good to turn down. 

And kind of finally we do have one more piece of news. The house Leanne has called home for the last 13 years and has been my home too for the last 16 months is on the market for sale as we are about to purchase our first home together. This is a huge step for both of us, Leanne leaving a home she thought she would always live in, me leaving a neighborhood that has made me so welcome and us both putting our names on the mortgage of a house together. 

So it has been hectic, it has been fun and exciting times lie ahead. It has been a journey and a half over the last 2 years and it continues to be enjoyable, some challenges and lots of laughs with huge amounts of happiness. 

Till next time, Slán agus Beannacht. 

Buying a car

Yesterday we went out to have a look at cars to see could we get one for me to help get around. A car is needed here more than at home as you can’t really walk to the local shops or pub!

So our afternoon of looking started at Hennessy Ford as we both like Fords and have driven them for years. I had a Focus back in Ireland and our other car is an Escape.

Ford Logo on Steering Wheel

We knew what we wanted and started looking around, there was so many cars it was a bit daunting but we found the Escapes and started to look to see did they have one we liked with the additions we wanted. We did do a test drive, sat with a salesman and done a few rough figures to see where we were at for affordability. We decided to continue our search to make sure we had investigated our options.

Next stop was Jim Ellis Hyundai sales, again it was a look around before we found a salesman to help us out with test drive and information. This is were our afternoon took a little longer than we thought. So we seen a few cars we liked, and decided to test drive a couple. We moved up to a car we weren’t really looking at in our research but it’s price was very comparable to the model we were looking at, so would it pass our test drive?

Hyundai Santa Fe

So another discussion took place and it was now close to 7pm, we started this process at 2pm in the Ford sales room and here we were 5 hours later on the verge of making a purchase. Buying a car is a huge purchase so you have to work the figures, think of any disadvantages and make sure the advantages outweigh them. But buy a car we did and suddenly we were a 2 car household and I am now independently mobile.

Oh I must add that the whole process from start to finish took about 6 hours. We arrived back home at 9pm with two cars. But our dogs were not to pleased with us as we had left at 10am but after a quick run about and walk as well as lying on our kegs they were happy again.