Driving safety announcement! 

Driving safety announcement! 

So as I sit here waiting on my car tires to be rotated I have time to ponder the last few weeks of driving on Atlantas messed up road system. With the bridge collapse on i85 making the traffic even worse its a pity the people in a lot of cars are complete and utter idiots. 

And so onto to the public safety announcement, car manufacturers go to a lot of bother to make cars safer, mainly because of the idiots, but years ago lights on cars became compulsory and turn signals form a very important part of the lighting system on a car. So a bit of advice to the idiots out there that think they are a fancy colour decoration on your car, feckin use them and don’t just fly from lane to lane as if you are invincible. 

Firstly you aren’t invincible and you will either be killed someday or cause someone else to die on the roads needlessly. Secondly, turn signals should be used in conjunction with that other amazing device on your car, mirrors! They are not just for looking at your ugly mug in, they help you see other traffic, you know the other people you share the road with. 

Oh wait, you don’t share the road with anyone, because you are to important. Well let’s stop the presses just there, you are not important, you are a feckin idiot. Other cars have to slam on their brakes because you do something else stupid. So do us all a favour, please just stay at home, sell your car and feck off so we can all get to where we want to be safely and without having to deal with you. 

Driving me around the bend

Driving me around the bend

I know I have commented on this before ( Driving Post ), but driving in Atlanta can be one hell of an experience. Some drivers think they are invincible, or invisible, I am not sure which. Car manufacturers went to great lengths to place indicators on cars, but a note of safety should be placed on the dash board of cars. Putting on an indicator doesn’t mean you just fly across 4 lanes of traffic at 70mph. If you do that you are a complete gobshite and nothing else.

I have driven down 285 twice in the last 2 days and both days had 20-25 minute delays due to gobshites not knowing how to drive crashing into the side of another car while changing lanes. No sign of them indicating, looking, checking and then going. It’s indicate, put on invincible cloak and go for it.

Approaching Atlanta on busy highway

I enjoy driving, and delays don’t bother me to much as they are part and parcel of driving in a big city. The open roads here are great but once you get close to the city you need to have your wits about you. I have to concentrate nearly at full level while driving in the city . I have to make sure I am in the right lane, making lane changes in plenty of time and safely, and just be aware of traffic on all sides moving quickly.

Concentration levels are high (Oh and I was stopped)

Driving in Atlanta, and probably anywhere in the USA is the same, and Dublin doesn’t get off scott free either as it has it’s fair share of gobshites in cars too. How about instead of pointless driving tests, all drivers should do an aptitude awareness test first. Not everyone can use a computer, or tools, or fly a plane but we give everyone a car!

Buying a car

Yesterday we went out to have a look at cars to see could we get one for me to help get around. A car is needed here more than at home as you can’t really walk to the local shops or pub!

So our afternoon of looking started at Hennessy Ford as we both like Fords and have driven them for years. I had a Focus back in Ireland and our other car is an Escape.

Ford Logo on Steering Wheel

We knew what we wanted and started looking around, there was so many cars it was a bit daunting but we found the Escapes and started to look to see did they have one we liked with the additions we wanted. We did do a test drive, sat with a salesman and done a few rough figures to see where we were at for affordability. We decided to continue our search to make sure we had investigated our options.

Next stop was Jim Ellis Hyundai sales, again it was a look around before we found a salesman to help us out with test drive and information. This is were our afternoon took a little longer than we thought. So we seen a few cars we liked, and decided to test drive a couple. We moved up to a car we weren’t really looking at in our research but it’s price was very comparable to the model we were looking at, so would it pass our test drive?

Hyundai Santa Fe

So another discussion took place and it was now close to 7pm, we started this process at 2pm in the Ford sales room and here we were 5 hours later on the verge of making a purchase. Buying a car is a huge purchase so you have to work the figures, think of any disadvantages and make sure the advantages outweigh them. But buy a car we did and suddenly we were a 2 car household and I am now independently mobile.

Oh I must add that the whole process from start to finish took about 6 hours. We arrived back home at 9pm with two cars. But our dogs were not to pleased with us as we had left at 10am but after a quick run about and walk as well as lying on our kegs they were happy again.