Planes, Trains and Automobiles! 

Planes, Trains and Automobiles! 

No, not the movie but what I now get to see everyday in work. Where I now work is right under the flight path for Peachtree Airport, so I get to see all the fancy executive jets taking off and coming into land. It is also beside the MARTA line out of Atlanta to Doraville in the north east of Atlanta. I also have a rail freight yard for Norfolk Southern at the back of the car place I work in. 

And finally where I now work is Hennessy Ford in Atlanta on Peachtree Industrial Blvd so I have lots of automobiles.  So Planes, Trains and Automobiles are now a big part of my everyday viewing and work. All this makes for a very happy Billy. 

Now on to something else. I am preparing a little review of my first year in the USA and I hope to post it on or around the anniversary of my first year here, November 5th. It may be a day or 2 early or late as that weekend I am away volunteering with Hospice Atlanta at their Camp Stars for bereavement. My first ever camp with them was in March this year but this one will be a bit different as since the last camp I have lost my Dad. 

The blog really is at a crossroads now. Workdays are 9-6 and with full weekends finding time to write a decent post is becoming more difficult. I really am going to try to keep it going but post may become more irregular but longer rather than the 500/700 words they are at present. I do have some good ideas for posts, so it really is just a matter of finding time to write them. Friday evenings at 9.20pm while watching TV is not really my ideal time for writing posts. 

Till next time, be safe. Billy. 


Normal service will be restored soon

Normal service will be restored soon

So after a 10 day vacation and break away normal posting service will be restored early next week. 

I have been in Michigan since last Thursday week with my son and wife visiting the in laws and we have had a busy 10 days, filled with fun and adventures. We also had time to remember my Dad who passed away last week back in Ireland. 

My first couple of posts once I get back to posting will be about my first vacation in the USA and the difficult of losing a parent while living 3500 miles away. 

A final thanks to everyone who passed on their condolences on the loss of my Dad.