Its been a little over 4 weeks since I last posted on the blog. Well it was the Christmas holidays and new year so a break from online stuff is good. My mam and son came over from Ireland and we had a good time together even if we had an event that the least said about it the better but it involved a ladder and a trip to A&E.

So what has been happening here in the USA for this Irishman, well lets go back to Oct when i started a new job as a lead concierge for Concierge Services of Atlanta. I started my training and a couple of weeks later I interviewed for a position as lead concierge in a new development in Midtown Atlanta and was successful. So here I am now , working in ICON Midtown and wearing a suit, shirt and tie into work everyday but at least I am indoors now and I get to wear decent and colorful socks.

As we enter 2018, well we are nearly in February, our lives are really about to change. We are still going through the foster/adoption process but we are hopeful by May we will have a little child to look after, and with a huge bit of luck the wait for our forever child wont be to long. We are looking forward to being parents, even if it does scare the hell out of me, and together we are a strong team.


Its been 13 months since I have been home to Ireland and I miss home and friends but we are now involved a lot more in the Irish community, we are now helping out with the planning and running of this years Irish Fest Atlanta, I have been in touch with Irish Network Atlanta and have contacts within Atlanta GAA. All these things help keep me in touch with Irish people and its good to chat to some of them about things only us Irish understand about being ‘Irish’ and at a pace of speech only we get!


Hopefully now with a bit more desk time I will be able to post more regularly on the blog….and trust me there is lots i would love to post here but wont and there is stuff coming up that I will post here as we move onto the next stage of our immigration process and foster/adopt process.

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