Where would we all be without social media? Is it better to have some or none? Each individual can only answer those questions for themselves but I will try answer them in the context of the journey I have taken over the last number of years.

I met my wife in 2001, email was just about kicking off, mobile phones were still new and FB, Twitter and Instagram etc were just pipe dreams for their makers. But we managed to stay in touch across the ocean the old fashioned way, a card here, a call there and as our lives evolved we realized we were nearing a conversation about our future.

In 2008 we had become FB friends and this allowed us to become more connected to each other, this followed with chats on Google Hangouts, even though Google wouldn’t really take off till 2014 for us, it actually became our defacto way of messaging each other. We both use FB, probably a bit to much, but it allows us to keep in contact with friends on both sides of the Atlantic and throughout the USA and world.

Now as usual I started off wanting to do one thing with this post and just started rambling. The whole idea of this post was to actually point out that StPatstoSpartans is available on FB, Twitter and Instagram. I use these 3 forums more than I post on the blog, so please feel free to add me on each forum. The Instagram account is quite new as I didn’t want my everyday life photos going on my A Man With His Camera page.

Instagram username is stpatstospartans

Twitter username is patstospartans

Facebook is St Pats to Spartans

Please drop by and say hello and add a like and follow.

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