I am always keen to discuss politics, current affairs and just general stuff of interest so I can not only broaden my knowledge but educate myself on different opinions. I do try keep these discussions friendly and open and I wish everyone else would. As an Irishman living here in an America having huge political issues I try to thread a careful line of engaging in discussion but also avoiding any discussion that could cause friction. So today’s post is a little Public Service Announcement on my behalf about various social media posts.

So let’s start with the ‘Political Post’

Political Posts on Social Media

So people feel obliged to post political stuff on FB etc, politicans feel they are above normal rules of decency when posting and most posts end in an argument because people have differing views and opinions. Get over it, it’s social media and if you don’t like the post or get offended, just scroll past. Of course normal rules of manners and respect should apply but they usually don’t.

Now onto the religious posts, and as there are a multitude of religions or people who call themselves Christians etc this is a minefield.

Religious Posts on Social Media

Well let’s try be nice on this one. Everyone is entitled to their own religious beliefs and to practice their religion. But if their religion invokes hatred, sexism, racism or any other extremeism then it needs to be challenged, but social media like FB isn’t the place and it won’t end well, again people getting offended by the slightest thing. Get over it people, and be nice.

And finally those random posts that someone puts out to get a reaction, distract from what’s important or just plain put there to incite.

Random Post on Social Media

Some of these posts are just downright horrible but the ones used to incite a reaction, cause discourse, divide society are probably the worst. As a society we have forgotten normal rules of conversation when online. I always try to read a lot, especially different groups opinions and social media is my ‘go to’ place as well as normal media outlets from all sides of the spectrum and the Atlantic.

So whats the point of today’s post? A lot is being posted on social media, it is influencing opinions without facts, it’s also dividing society, causing divisions that don’t really exist other than people having differing opinions and beliefs but still being normal members of society instead of being polarized by opinions.

Britain is going through huge political turmoil with Brexit, America is a nation divided politically since the presidental election and Ireland is entering a unknown phase due to not only Brexit but calls for a united Ireland growing louder. How will all this turn out? I don’t know but I do know social media will play a huge roll but people need to use it respectfully and that goes for everyone, from the junior member of society to the leaders of the world.

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