Just something different as the week and the month of April end. Just a few little ‘Irish’ hints for those that may visit Ireland in the future or wish they were actually Irish. 

Anyway, hint number 1 is a simple but easy to forget one. Leprechauns are real, but are only visible to real genuine 100% Irish people. Only we can converse with them and see them so don’t waste your time trying to see them or talk to them or asking can you meet one, it will only make you look foolish. 

Hint number 2 relates to some Irish sayings you may have been told Irish people say, example is Top O the morning or begoraah. These are phrases only used by the above mentioned Leprechauns when talking to each other so don’t use these phrases when talking to real people as it again will only make you look foolish. 

Hint number 3 relates to food. Irish people do not only eat bacon and cabbage, actually it is very rarely on the menu and if it is it’s because the local Leprechaun Mayor is visiting and it is their favorite food. We do eat a lot of potatoes but we also eat pasta, vegetables and menu items from around the globe, the famine was in 1847 not last year! 

Hint number 4 relates to politics, Irish people love nothing better than to talk politics, solve the problems of the world and explain the intricacies of the Irish system and the ongoing peace process in Northern Ireland over a few sociable beers. Ireland, North and South are not a war zone so don’t assume they are as again you will be made feel foolish. 

Hint number 5 is all about those wishing to be Irish, this is quite simple. You are NOT, your ancestors may have left these shores but you are either American, English, Australian or wherever you were born. Be proud of your Irish heritage but don’t claim to be Irish, it will get you branded as a plastic paddy or a wannabee and you will again end up looking foolish. 

And the final hint for today, go enjoy Ireland and everything it has to offer, have a pint of Guinness, enjoy the friendly people, the fantastic scenery and if you travel to the west coast, go to the Gealteacht and try same some of the Irish language. And if you get chatting to a friendly Irishman or woman, watch for the sense of humour and sarcasm. 

Slàn agus beannacht 

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