What is the significance of this? Well to tell the truth, it’s the amount of days I have lived here in the USA. But I decided while I avoid the rain in work to do a little digging, how many days, weeks, month etc. Well I have my answer and here it is….. The amount of time since Nov 5th 2015 when I arrived in Orlando Airport to start my new life here in America with Leanne. 

How many days ago… 536 day 

How many weeks ago… 77 weeks

How many months ago… 17 months

How many hours ago… 12864 hours

How many minutes ago… 771840 minutes

How many seconds ago… 46310400 seconds

So what got me thinking about this, well it’s easy to remember the milestone dates, the 5th of every month, 5th of November each year but to just be able to mark the tine and date randomly appealed to me. 

I have accomplished a lot, seen and done so many new things that I wouldn’t have had the chance to do back home in Ireland but I still have a few bucket list items to do. I still want to do a cross country Amtrak train trip, I want to travel from Boston to Washington via the high speed rail, I want to spend time in New York, see the Grand Canyon, see a space launch but I want to do all these things with Leanne and not on my own. 

And in other random news, today was a typical Irish weather day in Atlanta, cold, grey and drizzle rain most of the morning, it kinda felt like home. It will never be Ireland but it is definitely now home even though I will probably always refer to Ireland as home. In a few days my Irish flag will fly proudly outside our new house as our flag pole will be fitted. 

Every now and then I do miss Ireland and home, I wouldn’t describe it as homesick as I love my life here in Atlanta and I am sharing it with the one person I want to share my life with but I don’t think you can ever get over missing the place you lived in for the first 47 years of your life. 

Slán go fóill – Goodbye for now. 

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