And so today we received the message we have been waiting on for a few weeks, we are clear to close on the sale of our house and also the purchase of our new home. It has been a bit stressful but we are nearly there and on Friday we will sell one house and purchase our dream home together. 

Moving from this house will be tinged with some sadness

The house we are selling, and I use the word ‘we’ quite deliberately, is the house Leanne has called home for 14 years and I have called home since I arrived here in 2015. It will be a move tinged with sadness and a lot of love as it was the house we made our beginning. But it will also have a lot of happiness as we are moving into ‘our’ new home, something that we choose and picked together. This too will have a lot of love and happiness as it will allow us to grow our family together. 

Our new ‘together and family’ home

So on Friday, March 31st, one chapter will close with the sale of Northlake Springs Court but a whole new and exciting chapter will begin with the purchase of Willow Chase Court. We have fantastic neighbors where we are, and as we are only moving a few miles we will remain in touch and friends. Sure I will be dropping over most Sundays to meet the lads for football and Leanne will be over regularly to to meet up with the ladies for dinner. 

And as one chapter closes and another starts,  my journey in the USA just continues to grow and I couldn’t be happier. I moved here with 2 suitcases and a dog, it will take a 24ft truck and some help to move house. 

Slán for now

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