What are you on about I can hear people in the USA say, what is a ‘culchie’? So let’s get what a Culchie is out of the way first. Anyone from outside Dublin is a Culchie, someone from ‘down the country’. As usual Wikipedia gives a quick overview view so if you want to read about the origins of the word etc just click on the link A Culchie according to Wikipedia

So the next question, why are they coming to Dublin. Well back when I was younger, December 8th was a holy day, a day off school, so parents would pack the kids into the car, onto the train and head to Dublin to visit the big shops, do Christmas shopping and see Santa. This was in a time before there were any malls in Ireland and most of the big department stores where only in Dublin. Nowadays it doesn’t happen as much due to most reasonable size towns having some sort of a shopping centre. 

As children we would be brought into Dublin city center to see Santa, go to Switzers to see the Christmas window decorations, a kinda Harrods in Dublin but no where near as exclusive, and into a grill cafe to have dinner which consisted of chips (french fries) and a burger. I started bringing my own son to see the lights on Grafton St when he was young and it was something we done every year till last year. Hopefully we will get to see them this year together. 

Writing this post was prompted by me telling Leanne that today was Culchie day in Dublin and explaining to her what I meant. And that me thinking about a few things that you are liable to hear in Dublin. Had a quick Google search and it came up with a few suggestions but here is one Dublin Phrases


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