I cannot let today go by without a post to mention it’s Veterans day here in the USA. It is not only Veterans Day but today is one of the most important days in history, Armistice Day. 

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month the guns fell silent across Europe and it was the end of World War 1. A war that cost the world a generation of young men and all in the name of the ‘war to end all wars’. I am not going to examine the rights or wrongs or the political reasons for the war but I have a military service background and have always had an interest in history so I have read a good few books about WW1, as well as WW2. 

Being Irish there was always an issue with Remembrance around this time of the year, mainly politics getting in the way of people remembering fallen family or friends. But as Ireland has grown up recently and the peace process in the North has taken hold, the act of remembering the many Irishmen that served in both World Wars is now becoming common. I lived and walked my dog daily in the Irish War Memorial Gardens in Islandbridge and it was great to see the Poppy wreaths on the plinth and to see them there for a few weeks in July for the British Legion remembrance ceremony as well as the battle of the Somme ceremony. 

A few wreaths will show up around this time of year too but not as many as the July remembrance ceremonies because the Poppy and Remembrance at this time of the year still has a cloud hanging over it but slowly that cloud is moving away and times are changing. The poppy will probably never become fully accepted in Ireland due to political reasons and I understand that but people should remember. 
So leaving the Armistice and remembrance behind, today is a day in the USA for thanking all who have served in the military for their service. This morning my wife made a point of ringing her Dad to thank him for his service, and as my father in law I am proud to say he is a military veteran. My own military service back home gave me some great insights into various militaries around the world as I got to meet them in various countries that I served or visited. 

Back home veterans organizations are only starting to come into being and even though there was a couple for UN veterans and one for Ex service men and women it’s the newer organizations that are following the US and British model of recognizing and organizing events for veterans to attend. I wish them all the best of luck and keep up the good work. I follow all the events of Facebook and it is great to see so many veterans taking part in the events, remembering fallen comrades and just getting together to chat and catch up on old times. 

So to all veterans, both here in the USA and back home in Ireland, Thank you for serving your flag and country. To the countless millions who sacrificed so much in the ‘War to end all wars’, you are remembered and RIP. 


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