Well the day has come for America to chose its next President. I am unable to vote but the day that I can will probably come just in time for the next election. Either way anyone eligible to vote should get off their ass and get out and exercise that right to have a say in who will lead the USA for the next 4 years. 

This has been a strange presidential race, especially as a newcomer to the USA watching and learning all about Electoral College votes, primary voting, nominations etc. I knew a lot of it from watching election coverage back home but to have ringside seat living here in the USA is a lot different. 

Every day there seems to be a poll saying the lead is widening, narrowing or changing hands. Two of the most opinion polarizing figures are going head to head in the battle for people’s votes. Depending on who you believe, which news network you watch or which websites you peruse, one candidate should be in jail, indicted or just locked up and the key thrown away, while the other is an unqualified buffoon, a spoofed and out and out liar with zero substance. Both say they will make America great again which kinda means they admit it’s not now. How they will manage this is at complete opposite ends of the spectrum. 

I have an opinion on both candidates, both major parties, as well as the other minor parties but this isn’t the place for it. But tonight myself and my wife will be interested spectators to the news coverage of the results. My wife voted early this morning and I know her grandmother will have been looking over her shoulder to see did she vote for the first woman to be US president or not. I am not privvy to who she voted for but I reckon it wasn’t for the buffoon! 

Use your vote and whatever happens it has made interesting viewing and I am sure the story won’t end today. Now if only I could get a press pass to photograph the Inauguration in January! 

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