This post is rather late as Halloween was a couple of days ago but I have been busy and getting time to do a proper post is getting more and more difficult. But I have marked nearly every other day of note with a post so Halloween has to get knew, especially as this is my first Halloween in the USA and from here know in the days of note won’t be my first time to celebrate them as on November 5th I reach the end of my first full user in America. And what a year it has been but lots more about that over the coming days. Today’s post is about Halloween.  

Back home when I was younger, back in 1970’s and early 1980’s Dublin , we celebrated Halloween somewhat the same as its done here in America but much more low key, there were no house decorations, no pumpkins and it wasn’t Trick or Treat, but Help the Halloween party. We did get sweets (candy) but we also got apples and nuts. We had Halloween games, like Snap Apple or a bobbing apples. Snap apple was just an apple strung from the ceiling and blindfolded you had to try snap a bite. Bobbing apple was apples in a basin of water and again you had to try get a bite without getting soaked. Dinner consisted of Colcannon , a mixture of Kale and Potatoes but the secret was the hidden coin in your dinner. 

The other main tradition was Barnbrack cake, a fruit cake with a hidden ring inside. Finding the ring was one of the highlights of Halloween for kids as it spelt good luck for the upcoming year. As kids got older the significance became more romantic! We also dressed up in homemade scary costumes for going from house to house, had sparklers to light up and later on some kids would have bangers, and they are exactly what they sound like, the make a big bang! Of course Halloween wouldn’t be the same without the Bonfires but they have been ruined by so much anti social behavior now it’s not really fun.  

And so to my first Halloween here in the USA and how it differed from my childhood memories the day. Ireland has changed a lot and I don’t think there is a huge difference between how the USA and Ireland now celebrate Halloween but it is light years from our innocence of the day and night. Our neighborhood here has a kids parade are where all the kids dress up and so do some of the parents. Our house is right where the parade ends, so we get an invasion of dressed up children as soon as the parade ends. It’s all great fun as the kids get their candy after saying Trick or Treat. I look forward to lots Halloween celebrations here and getting used to how the neighborhood comes together to have a big parade for everyone. 

Till next time, be safe , have fun and I will post over the weekend from Camp Twin Lakes, where I will be volunteering with Atlanta Hospice, if I can get a signal. Saturday is a big day as it marks my one year anniversary in Atlanta, after landing in Orlando on the Friday. 

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