One year ago today I finished with my job in Ireland before I headed to the USA and a whole new life. I worked with the Dublin Airport Authority doing what they titled Passenger Services as they didn’t want to call the role exactly what it was, Passenger Security Screening. It was a kind of stressful job, always being tested, always on the go and dealing with the public who are also stressed about travelling is never easy. Add in shift work with 4am starts and it was challenging at times. 

But in saying all that I thoroughly enjoyed my time working in the Airport. I always tried to be nice to passengers, my fellow workmates and to always smile my way through the 12 hour shifts. Sometimes it wasn’t easy but working with some great people helped. I can say this now, but we did work with some absolute nut jobs who shouldn’t be allowed within a mile of the public, we had managers who couldn’t manage a game of snakes and ladders and an employer who talked a good game but couldn’t match the talk with actions. 

On the flip side of that there were managers who were always fighting the good fight for staff and passengers to make the job better and passengers more relaxed as they passed through security. My fellow team mates were a great bunch and I am grateful to be still in touch with them even though I live 3500 miles away. I hope to meet up with a few of them in December when I am home. 

One of my roles within my job was producing a staff newsletter full of security news, staff news and announcements as well as fun items. It gave me a great insight into not only how the security branch of the airport worked but how all the parts came together to make sure the airport ran smoothly. Airports really are little cities and it takes a lot to keep all the moving parts rolling. 

I don’t miss the 4am starts, the 12 hour night shifts but I do miss my many friends and interacting with the public on a daily basis. So the next time you go through an airport, remember these people are working to make your journey safe and smooth. Even the grumpy staff are trying to do that and I always enjoyed counteracting their grumpiness with extra doses of smiling and pleasantness. 

So to all my ex colleagues in Dublin Airport, it was a pleasure working with you and hope to see some of you in December. And I will remember to have liquids out, belt off, pockets emptied and laptop/tablet out as well. 

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