Building up to the anniversary of my move to the USA last year I am going to try post a memory or two from the last year since I got here and a few from just before I left Ireland. 

My first one is from when before I left Ireland and it involves my Dad. A week or so before my flight I along, with my Mam, went to the nursing home to see my Dad who had been deteriorating with Alzhemiers over the past while. Little did I know then as I held my Dad’s hand and chatted to him and tried to tell him I was leaving to head to America to marry Leanne, that it would be the last time I would speak or see my Dad alive.

My Dad had met Leanne only the previous July and I doubt if there was much recognition but I was glad he did get to meet her. A year later from meeting Leanne, my Dad passed away. This December when I go back to Ireland to visit my family, I will definitely be taking a moment to remember my Dad and to be thankful for everything he gave me and us as a family.  

Not a day passes when I don’t think of my Dad and miss him but in the end it was probably a kindness that he passed away when he did. As a family we have our memories and they are something we will cherish. Being here in America for when my Dad passed was hard, but it was a decision that wasn’t taken lightly even though there was always a chance when I stepped on that plane on November 5th 2016 that that visit in October was my farewell to my Dad. 

Hopefully I will be able to post another few memories in the coming week

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