It is only a short ten months since I got married to my best friend and now partner for life, Leanne. The last months have been filled with some wonderful and happy times as well as a couple of sad occasions. We have had great laughs and adventures, wonderful friends to share our journey with and support from everyone that knows us. 

We are still in the Visa process but it has moved on considerably with me just waiting on a replacement green card and then in less than 2 years we will be able to apply for the K1 visa conditions to be lifted and hopefully soon after I can apply for US citizenship. I will come back to the issue of US citizenship in a later post, maybe in a few weeks or months, but it does lead me nicely on to something that is very much in the news at the moment with the Presidential election coming soon, Immigration. 

As a recent immigrant to the USA, and having done all the paperwork required, and still doing paperwork for another couple of applications to USCIS for various parts of the process, I feel that it’s an issue more about fear and unknown than anything else. I don’t know the exact figures but there are approx 33 million Americans who claim Irish descent, all those Irish emigrated to the USA, some legally, some illegally. Maybe the system of dealing with illegals needs to be fixed, or at least looked at with clear minds, rather than soundbites for votes. That’s just my initial thoughts on the matter and I am not going to go into it much more. 

And now the Presidential election, oh isn’t it exciting, fun and riveting TV……… Now that is sarcasm! Probably two of the worst candidates possible are fighting to become President of the USA, I have my opinion on them both, and it’s not really good. It’s either the devil you know, or the devil you don’t but either way the campaign has given me a great insight into the mindset of some TV commentators and just normal people. 

I manged to watch the first presidential debate but missed the other two because I had much better things to do but being a bit of a news junkie, I did catch the post debate show on TV. And it may be glad I didn’t watch the full debate and I can see why both candidates are so polarizing. 

Anyway, enough politics for now, I am bound to mention it again before November 8th. This weekend I will add another state to my list of places visited since I moved over. We head to Charleston, South Carolina to visit a photographer friend of ours who took the lovely photos of our wedding. It will be nice to catch up and we all have something in common this year that we didn’t last year, all three of us have lost someone we loved, Leanne lost her Grandmother, I lost my Dad and our friend lost her Mum. RIP to all three, and know you were loved and missed by us all. 

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