Tomorrow I will be in the USA 11 months. I won’t go over what the last 11 months have been like as I intend to do a full review of the year in early November. But in saying that I have a few things I as a new immigrant to the USA have noticed about family and the upcoming election. 

So lets get the politics out of the way early in the post. In a little over 5 weeks the people of the USA will go to the polls to elect the next President. And 2 of the most disliked and opinion polorising candidates are going head to head for the right to be elected the 45th President of the USA. As always I do a little digging when it comes to learning new stuff and I found that even though Barack Obama is widely regarded as the 44th President of the United States, there have only been 43 Presidents. And this is because Grover Cleveland is counted as both the 22nd and 24th President, he was elected, lost an election then won again 4 years later.

Now to change direction completely, this last weekend I traveled to Denver with Leanne to celebrate the wedding of her sister, and my sister in law, to her new husband. The wedding was a wonderful family occasion and it was lovely to see my parents in law again so quickly after the recent family wedding in Pittsburgh. I am very privileged to have been welcomed into the Michaelis family with open arms. I am getting to know Leanne’s immediate family really well and her extended family and cousins as well. 

The reason I mention all this is I never really had much of a relationship with my cousins after childhood and to see Leanne reconnecting with her cousins over the last 11 months has been wonderful. At the wedding I had the honour of escorting my Mother in Law down the aisle before her daughters marriage, I was delighted to be asked and able to do this. Family is big part of my life here now and I am lucky to have married into a very loving family. 

None of the above takes away from my own family back home in Ireland, I chat to my Mam and son quite regularly and message my sister often. My relationship with my brother was never great once we reached adulthood but I do try keep on contact. As a family we have had a tough year, with my Dad passing, so it will be good to see them all in December when we travel back to Ireland. I hope they all realise I do miss them all and look forward to seeing them at Christmas. 

Next week I start a new job and will be working 9-6, Monday to Friday, so posts might become even more irregular than they are now but I do intend to continue the blog as long as I can, definitely until Jan 2017. After that I will regroup and have a think and see what direction I take with the blog. It is interesting sharing what my life here is like after living in Ireland for the first 48 years of my life. I hope you, my readers and followers, enjoy it too. 


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