I have always said I would keep this blog non political but I can’t let the first presidential debate of the 2016 election campaign here in the US or the upcoming election go by without some comment. But first let me lay out some background about where I stand, politically. I have never followed or subscribed to any political party, I don’t particularly like any politician, and I use my vote in any election carefully, judging candidates on simple criteria. Are they kinda sane, normal, have reasonable policies that I can live with and are they, at least on paper, a decent person. 

Now all that doesn’t mean I get the candies choose elected or that I pick the best one, but it does mean I am happy with my choice, and that’s what it boils down to, my choice to choose who to vote for in an open democratic vote. So onto the debate that took place in the US last night. I have followed US politics probably since the Reagan years with only a slight interest in the Carter era, well I was young so it really was only a passing interest. As I got older my interest in politics grew but it has always something I held personal and private and I will continue to hold it that way except for the odd post here as the election looks closer. 

Anyway, the first debate took place last night between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Let’s just say, as a newcomer to the US, I really don’t have a favourite out of the 2 but listening to them both over the last few months, I do know which one I would prefer in the White House. Last night’s debate was interesting to watch from my point of view. 

I posted the following on FB this morning and I think it sums up last night quite well….. “So my opinion of the first debate I listened to and watched a bit of. Let’s use a boxing analogy, Trump was throwing wild haymaker punches in the hope one would land and deliver a knock out blow but they all missed there target, he managed a few glancing blows but nothing serious, Hillary was jabbing to the stomach, not doing a lot of damage but hurting her opponent and that damage could become apparent as the fights go on, the Ref was useless, allowing needless stray punches to be thrown. I would call it 60-40 for Hillary but possibly a bit closer, maybe 55-45. Sure I may be way out but it’s my first US presidental debate to hear, oh and I fell asleep at about 10.30 so missed a chunk at the end”

This morning have been reading various news reports on the debate fron both sides of the Atlantic and it seems that Hillary shaded it but Trump supporters will say he did. So just like the upcoming election, no killer blow yet and to close to call. Will it go to the wire? I don’t think so but the next 2 debates will be interesting and Trump will need to learn a lot from last night and Clinton will need to hammer home her advantage.

As the election gets closer, a little over 6 weeks away now, things will heat up, the debates more heated and verbal blows delivered in the hope of securing that one big hit that will sway the electorate on November 8th. Whatever happens between now and then, this Irish immigrant in Atlanta will be watching, reading and listening with interest. 


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