Start of another week! 

Well time here is flying by. Can’t believe it’s already passed mid September. This time last year I had received my visa back from the US embassy in Dublin and had just booked my one way ticket to the USA for November 5th. There is a post later in the year that will look back on 2016 and my first 12 months so now is not the time but I will look back and forward just a little now. 

So mid September 2015 and a huge step was taken on my journey through life. I now had my K1 Visa to come to America and marry the girl of my dreams. We had known each other for 14 years but the conversation that led to the visa application took place over a few months in 2014 and 2015. Once we decided and knew what we needed to do we got on it right away, filling in forms, closing down my life in Ireland and getting ready to cross the Atlantic to start a whole new chapter of life with Leanne. 

Did I ever envisage myself living in America? I can honestly say No, I never thought I would leave Ireland, especially at 48 years of age. I didn’t have wanderlust throughout my life even though I was lucky to travel to lots of different and diverse countries as part of my job in the Irish Defence Forces. But when myself and Leanne had a conversation about our lives we both realized we were on the same page. Then came the fun of sorting it out so we could have our lives together on the same side of the Atlantic. 

Living together in Ireland was discussed briefly, but the opportunities and Leanne’s career here in the USA meant there was really only one viable option. And I embraced it, I would emigrate to the USA and start again here. Leanne has been my rock over the last 10 months, and especially the last 2 months. I still struggle with the loss of my Dad and I am not sure I have dealt with it completely yet. But Leanne just manages to say the right things and do the right things at just the right moment (now some of my friends can take their minds out of the gutter please). You would be surprised what a little fry up, or some good Irish tea will do for me, a reminder of home while still 3500 miles away. 

I look forward to seeing Ireland in December, spending time with friends, having a few beers, spending Christmas Day with my Mam and family, and going on a mini honeymoon for our first anniversary to Rome with Leanne. 

I mentioned the other day that home is where the heart is, well my heart is in Atlanta, my head is in Atlanta and it certainly is my home. But that will never take Ireland or where I was born out my thoughts. You can take the man out of Ireland but you can never take Ireland out of the man. 

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