Labor Day marks the end of my first summer in the USA. And what a summer it has been, Robert over for 6 weeks, started my first job here, went on a road trip to Michigan, survived over 70 days of temperatures over 90° and generally have settled into life in Atlanta. 

Ten months ago I stepped onto a plane to no start a new life here with Leanne, get married and open up a whole new world of opportunities and a new chapter in my life. Turning 49 only in July and getting to spend my birthday with Leanne, her parents and Robert has to have been a highlight of the summer even if it was tinged with sadness at the passing of my Dad two days earlier. 

And so we start to enter autumn, or Fall as it is called here. This will lead to its own challenges, especially in the back garden which will soon be covered in pine leaves and cones. Last spring I took 100 bags from the garden but this year I hope to be able to stay ahead of it by a weekly trip out back to keep it clear. 

On the professional front my photography business is starting to see some dividends but it is a slow process growing a business in a new city and country but with hard work and a slice of luck it will be okay. 

As a couple we are heading into a busy few months socially, 2 weddings in a few weeks, a weekend away in Charleston, Thanksgiving, a trip home to Irelans as well our first wedding anniversary and my first anniversary of the day I left Ireland. I will endeavor to keep posting on at least a semi regular basis as I settle into life and look forward to the future. 

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