So it’s been a week since I posted on the blog but I didn’t want August to pass without a final post. The blog is still evolving and if you haven’t noticed, posts are a little longer with less photos. This wasn’t a deliberate action but just something that has happened as posts have become more of a story telling them without the need for images,and I don’t want to use images for the sake of using them. 

Anyway, today I will delve into the past a little. Back home in Ireland I had full medical coverage from my time in the Irish Defence Forces and when I left I continued to have full coverage due to our public health system. And back in 2003/04 I was glad I did as I got very sick and had no idea why. I was tired all the time, falling asleep early, sleeping days away, lethargic, moody, breaking into cold sweats, no appetite and just miserable. Army medical wasn’t the best and they put it down to stress of going through divorce and even though they done blood tests, they missed one thing; I was diabetic and had no idea. I collapsed at home one day and was found by my roommate who took me to the doctors immediately. They done tests and the next day done a fasting blood sugar test, there was no doubt with the result, I was Type 2 Diabetic. 

What followed was a few years trying different medications to control blood sugars and to help get weight under control. It was 3 long, hard years of working with the doctors in the hospital but finally we found the combination that worked. The frustration of knowing you were doing everything the doctors asked, eating correctly, doing some exercise and still the blood sugars wouldn’t correct themselves was hard. Testing blood sugars three times a day at first was a complete nuisance make day poor index fingers didn’t know what hit them. It was routine I had to keep up for a few years but along with my own diet change and losing 4 stone (56lbs) and finding the combination of tablets to help I was well on the way to getting full control. My life was my own again and I could control my diabetes rather than it control me. 

Here I am 12 years later and I am at a healthy weight, I can more or less eat what I like and I have control over my blood sugars. It’s been a journey and a half even though I still keep an eye on things, have found a good doctor here in the USA, have my prescription up to date with local pharmacy and am moving forward to remain healthy. Being type 2 diabetic doesn’t define me or control what I do but it is always in the back of my mind when I am out or eating something. I have learnt what foods are my triggers and which ones to avoid, and luckily having a pint of Guinness isn’t one of the bad things. 

I am still getting my head around the whole health insurance thing here in the USA; Co pays, deductibles etc but luckily Leanne knows most of this and like most things in life here, she is guiding me through things. Being diabetic can be hard, it can be challenging, frustrating, emotional but it can also be controlled.To anyone out there that is struggling with being either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic, remember, control the condition and dont let it control you. It may mean steps you don’t want to take, meds you would rather not do but there is always support for you and a friendly ear from someone who has gone before you.  

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