Well it’s nearly been 9 months since I made the trans atlantic move from Ireland to the USA. Life has settled down a lot since those hectic first few months when we were planning a wedding, getting lots of paperwork done for next step in visa process, applying for social security number, driving license and awaiting work clearance. Add in learning a new culture, living in a new country, missing home, getting married and becoming a couple living in the same house and it has been a whirlwind of a life since last November. 

We have had multiple high points (getting married, Robert visiting to name just 2) and probably only a couple of low points (Leanne’s Grandmother passing away and my Dad passing away) as our new life together has developed and my own life here has continued its transition from living alone in Ireland to being part of a married couple and working in the USA. When I consider back home I would only have dreamt of starting my own business, here I have actually gone and done it. It’s a kind of feel the fear and do it moment in my life. It’s a slow, daunting process as things start of really slowly but hope word of mouth and some lucky break will help me to what I love full time, in the meantime I will continue to work my day job and go from there. 

My time here has been good, learning how to do things the ‘American’ way but still holding onto my Irish identity. I still read an Irish newspaper most days with my subscription to the Irish Times and it helps me keep up to date with happenings back home and give me an Irish slant on the upcoming USA presidential election in November. It’s hard to believe I will be here a year when the election takes place and by the time the next one comes around I will be able to apply for US citizenship. This is a topic I will definitely revisit later in the blog as my Irishness is very important to me but so is embracing the country I am now making my life in. 

Leanne has always encouraged me to go back to playing football (soccer) and making friends, and even though I would consider all of Leanne’s friends my friends too, it’s has been great to not only get out a kick some football but to meet new people and become part of a group that share a common love of football. I will always call soccer football as that is what it is, Association Football, and it’s one of the things I am learning when it comes to playing the game here. The whole terminology is different, the way the game is played and maybe even coached. I started of back in April playing 7 a side and just this week played my first 11 a side game in over 20 years. And surprisingly, even though it was tough the next day, my fitness levels have got better. 

I know I mentioned life had settled down since the hectic first few months afte moving over, well it has but it hasn’t stopped altogether. In the next few months before Christmas we have 2 weddings, Thanksgiving and a trip back home to Ireland to see family and friends. 

The blog will continue as I approach my one year anniversary here in the USA as well as a one year wedding anniversary which we hope to spend in Europe, but definitely Ireland. I hope people continue to read and enjoy these little snippets of my story of my new life here in America with the occasional post reminiscing about times past in Ireland.


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