So after my post the other day where I led with school days are not the best days of your life, well I don’t really change that opinion and some of the teachers I had were pure mad and/or evil. But to clarify, I also had some great teachers who cajoled, nurtured and guided as they knew I hated school but they still helped me get through it as best they could and to the best I wanted to. 

Even in college my lecturers were great at guiding me through adult education, which believe me wasn’t easy but with the help of lecturers and classmates I made it through it and done a lot better than I had ever done in school. Being more mature, older even, going to college helped a lot as I choose exactly what subject matter I wanted to study and worked hard to achieve the results I knew I was capable of. It took the hard work and study hours to get the results in exams and assignments but I enjoyed it as I enjoyed the subjects I had chosen. 

I know a lot of teachers, even my mother in law was a teacher, so I wouldn’t tarnish them all with the same brush of being egotistical, mad or evil. A lot, and more than likely the vast majority are brilliant educators but I was talking about 1970’s and 1980’s Ireland were corporal punishment in schools was considered the norm. And remember if you got a whack of a leather from a teacher, the chances are you were going to get another one when you got home, innocent or not! 

Above is a typical leather strap that was used in schools for years. I had one teacher who wore it strapped to his belt and could draw it faster than a western movie cowboy to give you a clip of it across the arm as he walked passed you if you were looking around or not concentrating on class. 

I won’t say I was bullied or worse as some children were but my school days were not my favourite time of my life. Now I am older and can look back on it, I still can say they are not the best days of your life. To all the past and present teachers I know, good luck in the hard thankless job you do and I am glad education has moved on from where it was in the 70’s and 80’s in Ireland. 

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