So tomorrow morning, bright and early , Robert starts his return journey to Ireland. He heads home to get his Leaving Cert results and hopefully the college offer that he wants. We have thoroughly enjoyed having him here for the last 6 weeks and I am very proud of the fine young man he has turned into.

We have done so much in the last 6 weeks and we have taken hundreds of photos but I am just going to post a small sample of them here. I am going to miss him as it will be Christmas before I see him again when I make the trip to Ireland.

Safe travels Robert and the future is yours to grab and enjoy. We all look forward to seeing you in December and hopefully you can come back next summer for an extended vacation.


One thought on “Tomorrow Robert goes home

  1. You’ve kept him so busy the neighbors barely got a chance to say ‘ hello’ and ‘goodbye.’ He’ll have to come back again next year!


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