Life carries on…… 

So here I am working away and enjoying my new life here in the USA, having fun having Robert visiting from Ireland, keeping in touch with family back home, married to my best friend and my fledgling photography business making small headway. 

I am still figuring out things after the passing of my Dad on July 21st and I am not sure in myself if I have properly felt the pain of grief yet. Yes, there has been tears, I said my goodbyes last November before I left Ireland and when I make the return trip in December it will probably hit me more as I won’t be able to visit my Dad in the care home or see him alive again. 

Our plans for a return to Ireland in December have firmed up and I am looking forward to seeing my family and friends, especially my Mam. Next week Robert travels back to Ireland and starts on an exciting new chapter of his life, college. Of course he has to get his results first but hopefully he gets enough points to get the course he wants. Robert has explained the system of doing the Leaving Cert, getting results and points, receiving college offer and accepting place and going to college to so many people here over the last few weeks. Once back in Ireland, Robert will get his results on Wednesday, college offer on Friday and will have his first day in college about 4 weeks later. So much different to here in the USA, and it’s mind blowing to some of my friends here how the Irish system can work. But it does work, with some glitches, but overall it works. 

As I said in the title of this post, Life goes on. I am working, Robert is getting ready for college, we are planning a return to Ireland and Leanne and I have family weddings here in the USA to attend. Even though life does go on, every day I think of my Dad and how his passing, even though a blessing, is hard on my Mam and the rest of my family. 

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