Missing Family 

So as promised the blog will be back but posts will be more sporadic as life here in the USA settles into normality. Work and day to day routine will take up some of the time I had for writing posts. It does put the blog at a bit of a crossroads but I will endeavor to continue posting as my life here progresses. 

Anyway, back to the title of this post. Yes I miss my family back home and how much I miss them, especially my Mam, was brought home to me recently with the loss of my Dad. Been a recent emigrant from Ireland I knew it would be difficult to get home for any funeral so I had discussed the matter with my Mam and we had decided if anything happened while my son was visiting that I would stay here and make a trip home in December with Leanne. 

I said goodbye to my Dad last November, just before I left Ireland, and it was hard as I knew then it was possibly the last time I would see him alive. Alas that is exactly what it was to be. This kind of thing has been happening to emigrants for centuries so it’s nothing new. Millions of emigrants can’t get home for funerals or any other family occasions but that is something for that comes with starting a new life so far from your home country. 

I made my decision to move to the USA to be with Leanne over a year ago, and part of the decision process was making sure I was comfortable and my Mam was comfortable with me moving so far away. Even though we were both on the same page on which direction I was moving it doesn’t make it any easier. 

For a brief moment we looked at flights home to Ireland in a few weeks but it is to expensive and it would  also mean missing out on our pre arranged trip to see friends as well as family for our first wedding anniversary. All this might sound as all the decisions were made with just our lives been the deciding factor, but I had and still do involve my Mam and now my sister in the process. 

Involving family in our decision helped make probably the hardest decision I had to make slightly easier, not to travel home for my Dad’s funeral. My Mam and sister were great support and it was good to be able to chat to them both over the days of the funeral and to hear of the support family and friends had given them. 

During one of the conversations with my Mam over the last week, I mentioned I was missing home and them and wished I could have been there for the funeral. In my Mams typical fashion she just said one sentence to make me feel a bit better. I will paraphrase it a little but the general jist of it was about how close we were in my last few years in Ireland and that I done my supporting and caring in my Dad’s living years and that he would understand that my life has a new and bright beginning here in the USA

I have my green card, I have a stamp in my passport which will make travelling to Ireland much more straightforward and I look forward to seeing all my family and friends in December. To all my Mams friends, to friends of my brother and sister, and to all my friends, both here and back home in Ireland, thank you for all your support over the last couple of weeks, it means a lot. 

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