There was supposed to be a post about my first road trip from Atlanta to Detroit but just a few hours into the journey I received the phone call I was dreading, my Dad had passed away. Being 3500 miles away and already a decision to not travel back to Ireland for any funeral being made it was hard. We still had 9 hours of a drive left as my mind struggled to digest the news I had just received. 

​I said farwell to my Dad last November before I flew to the USA to start a new life. Little did I know then it would be the last time I could say goodbye to him. Today my Dad drew his last breath on this earth and passed away. Even though I am 3500 miles away it hurts but I know his pain is now over. 

Alzehimers took who my Dad was away from us a long time ago but his memory will live with us forever. He was our friend, letting us watch westerns on Monday nights when my mam was out, he was our Father, always supporting my mam as she made sure we grew up well, and he was my Mams partner in life.  

Love you Dad and RIP. I have Leanne and Robert here with me for support and we are sending our love and support across the Atlantic to my Mam, Brother, Sister and all the family. See you all in a few weeks. 

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dílis


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