I know it’s a day early but this will be my my very first July 4th in the USA. Since I arrived here last November, I have celebrated my first Thanksgiving here, first Christmas and New Year holidays and Memorial weekend. So celebrating a day that is special to everyone in the USA will be a great experience. Back home in Ireland it was always St Patrick’s Day that was the main holiday but as I have a lot of friends and now live here in the USA, July 4th was a day I recognized as a major holiday for my friends. 

For the holiday tomorrow we will go to see the fireworks in Decatur and it will mean a lot to me to be able to share my first July 4th not only with Leanne but also my son Robert who arrived here for a holiday last Friday. I have always known what the significance of July 4th was so no research was required for this holiday unlike some of the others that are celebrated. 

But for anyone that doesn’t know, on July 4th 1776, 240 years ago, the original 13 colonies declared their independence and it is this event that is celebrated on July 4th every year. Again, like Memorial Day, it’s a day full of nationalism and pride and that is exactly as it should be. I just wish Ireland would be brave enough to celebrate our own independence day but it needs a political will to make the necessary change. And of course lot of Irish people don’t know the day we became independent or a republic. 

Another little bit of history now, Ireland was declared the Irish Free State on December 6th 1922 but it wasn’t until the adoption of the new constitution in 1937 that Ireland was declared a ‘free sovereign independent and democratic state’. It would take till 1948 before the Republic of Ireland Act was passed through government and it came into effect in April 18th 1949. So which day would Ireland choose as Independence Day, Dec 6th? April 18th,or even the day the Proclamation was first read, April 24th? Nothing in Ireland is uncomplicated but my own choice would be April as it covers both, the day we became a republic and the Proclamation being first read. 

Well it’s time for me to go enjoy the holiday weekend and spend a wonderful 6 weeks with my son and wife. I will endeavor to update the blog regularly over the next few weeks but posts may be a bit more sporadic. 

Happy 4th of July everyone 

Happy 4th of July

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