In a little over 36 hours my near 18 year old son, Robert, will arrive in Atlanta after a flight from Ireland via Chicago. It’s been over 7 months since I seen him and that has probably been the hardest thing to get over since I made the move over to the USA last November.  

We have an exciting and busy 6 weeks planned while he is here, and we will both celebrate our birthdays while he is here. On July 25th,Robert will reach 18 years of age. Back home I would have been able to legally buy him his first pint of Guinness, but alas here in the US that won’t be possible. Giving him a drink at home isn’t the same as buying him his first legal drink. I remember my Dad buying me my first drink on a family holiday as I turned 18, it’s kind of a tradition in Ireland, even though way to many kids drink alcohol before they reach the right age. 

In other news, it was 1 year ago today that I received news from USCIS that my application for a Visa had been approved. It would take another few months to actually finish the process but that piece of news was vital in the plans the future for myself and Leanne. It’s strange to think back to this time last year and how stressful it was waiting in that email from USCIS and the relief when it came through.  

For now I am going to enjoy having Robert over for 6 weeks and not think about when he has to go home. It is difficult being a father so far away from my son but we have Skype and Viber so that helps. I am super proud of him for finishing up in school and completing his final exams. He has dealt with a lot considering I split from his Mam when he was young and he seen his parents divorce. Robert is a politepolite, caring and good young man, and all that will stand to him as he embarks on college in September. I know Lassie is looking forward to seeing Robert too because when I mentioned his name the other day her ears perked up and she immediately looked out the window.   

I just have to say one more thing on a totally different topic. One of my first posts on blog was about my visit to the dentists. Well 6 months later and even though I still dread going I have to say the people at Start Smiling in Sandy Springs are absolutely fantastic. Yesterday was probably the hardest and most painful visit but it was handled with care and kindness, something Irish dentists don’t understand. So my thanks to Dr Sayeg and all his staff for helping this Irishman over his fearsfears, and to Leanne for looking after a groggy and sore me once I got home. 

I am not sure how much I will post over the next few weeks while Robert is here because I will be concentrating on him but I will try do some updates. 

Slán for now. 

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