So this weekend past was my first time to visit Michigan and to stay at my parents in law with Leanne, her parents and her sister Melissa. It’s the first time we have been together since our wedding back in December and even though it’s for a somber occasion it’s good to spend time with my in laws.

They are really good people and my new mother in law, Terri, recently lost her mother and the funeral was this weekend. I was honoured to be able to give my support to my new family at this sad time, especially Leanne as she mourned her grandmother.

This post is a gallery of images that I took over the weekend, from the time we boarded our flight in Atlanta on Thursday to our return flight on Sunday. I have included images from our flights, the house in Oscoda, MI, a couple from the funeral as well as some from our activities over the weekend. Michigan is very different to Georgia especially the area around Flint and up towards Oscoda by way of Saginaw. It’s very flat and and the roads seem to go on forever. One thing I did notice is the amount of US flags outside houses and businesses.I hope you enjoy the gallery of images and all photos were taken with my smartphone but in July I will be back in Michigan and will have my trusty Canon DSLR with me.

One thought on “Weekend in Michigan

  1. We loved having family visiting Michigan though it was for a sad occasion. Doris Ann Hart was 90 years young and loved her family, so we celebrated her life and laid her to rest next to her identical twin.
    Seeing Michigan through our son-in-law’s camera is fun. Billy was amazed that we could have snow squalls in the middle of May and out he went with his i-phone! We are looking forward to our Georgia family visiting in July with Robert, Billy’s son.


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