This post will be a small bit all over the place as I have lots of different bits of news. Let’s get the biggest bit out of the way first. Last week I celebrated 6 months in the USA and on Tuesday night we got confirmation that my application for a Green Card was approved and I am now a legal permanent resident of the USA. USCIS have been quick and efficient all the way through this process and even with a few hiccups it went smoothly. It’s only 13 months since our first application so to be at this step already is good as we weren’t expecting to get here till around September.

Moving on the job hunting is going ok, have had a few interviews and all went really well but as I am away this weekend they have been put on hold till Monday so hopefully something will come along then. On a more professional level I have registered my business trade name for my photography business and next week I will also be registering my business for a Georgia business license.

As I said I am away this weekend for a personal reason, visiting the in laws for Leanne’s Grandmothers funeral in Saginaw, MI. We took our first flight together yesterday, flying from Atlanta to Flint, MI arriving into a lovely thunder and lightning storm and this morning woke up to a lovely blue sky and sunshine. The view here is fantastic and I can’t wait to come back up in July for a happier occasion.

Oscoda View

Our visit this time is as I have mentioned is for a sad occasion and a funeral but I am glad I am able to be here to support my wife and here family on this sad time. I have already had a walk around this morning and it is absolutely lovely, my new parents in law have a lovely home in a lovely area of Oscoda. I have mentioned I never met Leanne’s grandmother but I had spoken to her once and I can see the influence on Leanne.

The house in Oscoda

Tomorrow is the funeral so there want be any post from me till at least Monday when I get back to Atlanta. It will be back to job hunting and getting my business up and running. You can check out my business website at That’s all for now so have a good weekend and I will be back early next week.

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