Tomorrow I will be travelling to Michigan with Leanne for not only my first visit to Leanne’s home state but it will also be our first trip out of Georgia together and our first time on a plane together. I had hoped that my first trip to visit my new parents in law was for a happy occasion but unfortunately it is for a funeral for Leanne’s grandmother who passed away recently. I never did get to meet Leanne’s grandmother but we did video chat once before I moved over to the states last year.

Leanne's Grandmother who passed away recently

We will be visiting Oscoda, MI and my introduction to where anywhere is in Michigan is to use your hand and point to it at roughly where the location is on your hand and that will be roughly where you are heading in Michigan. We will be making a return visit to Michigan in July when Robert is over and that will be a road trip from Atlanta with not only Robert but the 2 dogs as well. I am looking forward to driving through the US countryside and visiting a few more states.

Oscoda, Michigan

So a visit to Michigan will be preceeded by getting through security at Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta. Recently this has been in the news due to long queue times, some over am hour, and the closure of one of the security screening areas. The days of turning up for a flight like getting on a bus are long gone.

TSA queues at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta

I can only imagine if when I worked in Dublin Airport if we had queue times like Atlanta, someone would be losing their job. It is a pressure and a balancing act, deal with long queues safely, get people through quickly and efficiently but at same time doing the job of keeping everyone safe and secure while travelling. So next time you are in a queue, remember that the guys and girls doing that thankless job in TSA, are doing it for your safety and the safety of the skies so we can all travel in the knowledge that someone is trying to stop the bad things happening.

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