A small plug for some Irish friends who helped me get my domain for St Pats to Spartans and are helping other Irish bloggers connect.

Visit http://be.irish and find out all about it.


My own blog is featured on the front page along with other Irish bloggers.


So a bit of news from me. Yesterday I registered my business trade name with Dekalb County here in Georgia, the first step in obtaining a full business license so I can operate in the State of Georgia.

My main website, www.amanwithhiscamera.com, is home to my photography business and it will be developing a lot over the coming weeks and months. One thing I did notice yesterday when I went to register the name, how easy it was and how efficient it was. Now I am not saying all government workers are efficient but all those I have encountered since my arrival here last November have been excellent. A Irish smile, Irish accent and actually being nice and genuinely polite helps.

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