Over the last couple of weeks I have received the paperwork required to work legally in the USA while my application for full permanent residencey is awaiting approval. I have also got permission to travel outside of the US but that card has run into a glitch but will be sorted over the coming weeks. The travel isn’t that important but it is good to have just in case I have to head home to Ireland for any emergencies.

Work though is vital. I have never been out of a job or with something to do for this long. I do manage to keep myself occupied by walking the dogs, keeping the garden tidy, sorting my website and doing research about what I hope will be my photography business going forward.

As the title of this post implies, don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself. When I think back to where I was a couple of years ago to where I am now, the change is immense. I was working shift work in Dublin Airport and didn’t really have much or time for a social life. Having a proper conversation with an adult at times was impossible as getting up for work at 2.30am doesn’t really allow for meeting up with people. In the last few months I am meeting people, having conversations and socializing a lot more. Sometimes I can be shy and not socializing a lot only makes that worse. But mixing with more people has helped me blend into my new life here.

New clothes, new hairstyle and new outlook as well as being happy in my newly married life are just some of the things that help overcome any loneliness I may feel. I would love to be starting a job soon too as I feel that would be like the icing on the cake after nearly 6 months of being in the USA.

Moving country isn’t easy but with the support of everyone, both here in the USA and back home in Ireland, I feel I am over the worst of the ‘missing home’. I have noticed recently that I don’t compare things here to things back in Ireland as much as I did when I first arrived. Ireland will always be my country of birth, will probably always be my ‘home country’ but the USA is now home, Georgia is now my home state and Decatur, outside Atlanta is now my home city.

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