Our little schnoodle had to go in for an operation to have his leg removed yesterday. The surgery went really well and he is back home to us today. For anyone that doesn’t understand how much a pet means probably doesn’t get how emotional it can be seeing your little dog after an operation like Bozley had.


He has his cone again and he will struggle to jump up for a while but we will look after him. Lassie, our Border Collie isn’t to sure about what happened but she is on the couch beside him so they will be grand together.

We have to thank The Village Vets in Decatur for looking after our little guy and giving him the best chance of an extended life. We also want to thank everyone that has sent good thoughts, messages and texts over the last two days.

Today’s post was supposed to be about me attending my first festival in Atlanta as we attended the Dogwood Festival in Piedmont Park earlier today but our dog took precedence. I will post later in the week about my first visit to the Dogwood festival and my thoughts on the festival season here in Atlanta.

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