So here I am trying to figure out American football, college football and their weird terminology for proper football (soccer) and up comes a few weekends of non stop college basketball that I know is called March Madness. Yes it’s all about the National Championship but it also about brackets, the art of predictions.

March Madness Basketball

The whole idea of brackets is to predict the whole tournament from the last 64 to the final champion. Teams are seeded and that should help but this is a knockout tournament and favourites get knocked out, just ask Number 2 seed Michigan State who were a lot of peoples choice to win the whole thing. Middle Tennessee had other ideas and the number 15 seed send the highly fancied number 2 seed packing in the first round. (Sorry honey but it had to be mentioned). My wife is a Spartan, and as such they are also my adopted team team, sure it’s even in site address for blog!

Spartans bench look on as they crash out of March Madness

A few other highly fancied teams fell early but as the tournament hots up to the Sweet 16 this weekend I expect to see less shocks, Middle Tennessee couldn’t repeat their heroics of their victory over Michigan State and were promptly knocked out in the next round. My bracket started off well, I was even ahead of the wife for a while, but it soon came crashing apart and I only have 9 teams left in the final 16. Hoping against hope the 6 that can make it to the final 8 do their job as it would nice to have some interest going into the final four weekend.

My March Madness Bracket

So sport here is a while different ball game, excuse the pun, to at home. College football gets huge crowds and has massive investment, college basketball is no different. Now if only a tiny percentage of Irish businesses or media took the same interest in sport at home maybe Irish sport could expand its fan base. Highly unlikely but one can alwaya dream. March Madness is on TV for the whole weekend, every game is shown live and available for free on live streaming. Walk into nearly any bar and it will be showing all the matches live.

TV coverage is widespread of all games

NCAA app allows all games to be streamed live, compare that to at home where only for a few lads doing commentary for St Pats matches I would have to rely on Livescore apps or Twitter for updates. I know I can get some feeds from the Internet but the quality is terrible. As a sport watching hgan, either live or on tv, I will enjoy learning the various sports and competitions here and always keep an eye on sport back home in Ireland.

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