Project fix the garden, yard, has started in earnest. Yesterday marked the first official day of spring and with the saga of the lawnmower behind us it’s time to get the yard in shape. The front garden isn’t too bad, just needs new flowers, lawn mowed and a few branches cut back on a tree. Everything else out front is purely decorative but it will be done and will look the better for it. The back yard though is a whole different ball game. Big trees just drop acorns and pine leaves all year round and the previous garden guys just blew it all into a big pike, well here comes Billy and I am going to to make it look good.

Back Yard before any work

I have never really had a garden except for a short time, and most of that was concrete so two cars could be parked and out back we had a patio and a large shed which minimized the amount of greenery. In my last house before I moved to the States I had no front yard and a tiny back yard that was a place to park my car, no grass at all.

The first place to get attention was the front, new flowers have been planted, the mailbox painted black with new numbers added, the hedge around the mailbox is trimmed and the lawn is mowed. The only things left are to spread bark mulch, plant the last few flowers and cut back the tree. So far so good.

Front Flower Patch

As I said the back yard is a completely different ball game. The pine leaves and acorns are everywhere. I had 30 bags from Home Depot to put stuff into as part of clearing out the yards and they were filled in no time. I have now got another 60 amd they will be filled by the time I am finished. I don’t particularly have green fingers, I am more than likely to kill plants than keep them alive but the hard work of making the place tidy and neat is just in my element.

Back Yard After some work, note the 30 bags of garden rubbish lined up

Tomorrow is another day and with the forecast for a frost tonight I will start a little later in the day once the temperature gets up to around 50°F and do another 20/30 bags of pine leaves. You may have noticed that I call the yard ‘garden’ sometimes, well that’s because at home in Ireland that’s exactly what’s it’s called. Just another one of those phrases that I will start to use as I assimilate into the USA way of doing and saying things. I will still keep a few Irish ways of saying things, sure some conversations wouldn’t be fun if I didn’t.

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