This weekend was one busy weekend and it still had half of Sunday left. It actually started with the purchase of our lawnmower and flowers for our garden which turned into its own little adventure. Saturday was a planned Garage Sale and the hope was to have the garden looking nice for it. Well the new lawnmower had its own ideas.

The first lawnmower we bought ended up with an oil leak and leaked oil all over the driveway, so Thurs was spent cleaning the drive rather than starting on the garden. The people at Home Depot though were excellent and within mins of walking in we were leaving with a new mower, oil removers and a brush. Just couldn’t see a shop in Ireland being that helpful even though they would change the mower. Home Depot have even promised to follow up to make sure our driveway is back to its original condition.

Home Depot

Anyway once again a post starts of as one idea and I end up rambling, ah well if you are reading this for literary excellence, you are in the wrong place. Back to my original idea and the garage sale arranged for Saturday. The weather in the Atlanta area has been better than a Irish summers day, temperatures up in the 70’s F,  20’s C for my Irish readers and Saturday was forecast for cloud and rain, typical. Well let’s just say the American weather forecasters, even though normally much more correct than the Irish ones, got that wrong. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm. A garage sale is a new phenomenon for me, one person selling stuff they don’t to another who is just looking for a bargain. Only comparison I can draw on is the Parish Sale of Work, and even that’s a very tenuous comparison.

Garage Sale

With everything set up bright and early we awaited our first customer, and it took about an hour for them to arrive. With other houses in the neighborhood taking part as well we had a steady stream of people for most of the morning. It was strange for me to watch this all unfold as I got to work clearing the garage out so the car coukd take the place of the stuff we were hoping to sell. With the morning drawing to a close and having good sold a good bit of what we wanted gone it was time to wrap up. And this is were we get to a bit of a good turn, everything going we had left except for a large piece of furniture was packed into the car a brought to the local Goodwill donation center were hopefully it will help someone.

Busy Morning at our Garage Sale

Saturday was an eventful day and the Garage Sale was followed by friends over for a Wine and Cheese party for an hour or two, oh wait, it was actually a 5 hour party as we all chatted out on the deck for a few hours, well I did watch Ireland beat Scotland in the rugby first but it was a good afternoon with new good friends. Saturday isn’t the quite relaxing day at home I used to have anymore as the party on the deck was followed by dinner with our neighbors at a local restaurant. So a weekend that started with late night shopping for a lawnmower and getting ready for a garage sale is ending with me watching my wife play tennis at a local country club. And just a small postscript to that, 13 months ago I was in this exact place, it was well below freezing and we were only starting on our journey, today we are 3 months married.

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