Over the last weekend I was practically off the grid with very little internet or phone service. I did have minimal service and was able to post to Instagram and FB a small bit but a post to the blog wasn’t going to happen. And  it wasn’t going to happen for more than the reason of bad network coverage. I was away volunteering at Camp STARS in Twin Lakes just outside Rutledge , GA. Today’s post is a gallery of images that i took of signs that are placed around the camp to give inspiration to those attending the various camps throughout the year. Read down to the end of the post rather than scroll down to see the gallery.

Inspirational Signs (13)

The headline on this blog post is exactly what the weekend was, humbling. To see people giving up their free time to volunteer to help others was immense, to see family members who had lost someone in the last while come together to share and support each other was equally humbling. Volunteering wasn’t on my life agenda when I lived in Ireland, I had been a Scout leader for a number of years but my professional life didn’t leave a lot of room for volunteering and I had other personal things going on. I knew my wife helped out at camp and it was one of the things I looked forward to joining in on too. The fact that I was one of the 3 appointed camp photographers allowed me to gently ease myself into the dynamic of the weekend. Watching how Leanne worked with other volunteers and guests over the weekend made me very proud of my wife. She was so kind, compassionate and helpful to everyone always checking people were okay, knew where to go and give them a helping hand if they required it.

As I wandered about Twin Lakes, and it is a perfect spot to host any camp, I noticed lots of wooden signs on trees all about the place. I decided it would be a good idea to try and photograph them all over the weekend and with the weather gods giving us glorious sunshine which gave this Irishman sunburn in March, it was ideal for a walk around. The scenery was beautiful, the lakes glistened under the blue sky, 75 degree heat and blazing sun, while this pasty white Irishman went bright red, and yes I have heard if sun cream!

Camps Stars Badges
Our Camp STARS Badges and T-Shirt

Anyway I digress slightly, one of my roles besides taking photos was to deliver all the bags to the various cabins on Friday night and collect them again on Sunday morning for the families. It was while doing this I seen one of the guests walking and I asked him if he needed a lift to his cabin in the golf cart I was driving, he said yes and we had a small chat and he told me he was at camp as he had lost his father recently. We met a few more times over the weekend, always stopping and having a little chat and he would tell me how he was doing. It was on Sunday morning when I met him that he said something to me that made me very humble to have been of some small assistance to him. He turned around and called me back  after our brief chat, said Thank You very much for everything, from the little lift on Friday, for the little hellos as we passed each other and for the little chats over the weekend. He then mentioned to me that this was the first weekend that he was able to share his grief without crying since his father passed away. He said he was on a journey with his grief and he reckoned the camp had allowed him take a huge step. I shook his hand and wished him well and was so humbled by this guy and everyone else. Thank you all at Camp STARS for a wonderful experience and I will see you all again in November.

I hope somewhere in these images you find something that will make you smile and have a good day.

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