Equality; sex, race or creed shouldn’t matter!

A step away from the usual posts as today is International Women’s Day and a day when women of the world should be celebrated and everyone should be reminded that inequality in any form, whether it is based on sex, race, belief or anything goes else for that matter, has no place in today’s society.

I stay away from political statements, from airing my beliefs or where I stand on issues here as I want this blog to be an enjoyable read and fun. But sometimes a serious topic raises it’s head above the parapet and will get a mention.

International Women’s Day

For many a year I have held the women in my life in high esteem and seen them as equal friends, partners and lovers. My wife is a special women, one who I admire greatly and I will come back to that in a minute. My mother also has greatness within her, she raised 3 children and lost one, but no matter what the world threw at her she always bounced back and made sure we had a good life. Herself and my dad were and still are madly in love, even though my dad has late Alzhemiers. It’s tough on them both but my mam has shown great strength to be still there for my dad.

My Mam and my wife together

I have an ex wife, and even though our relationship is fractured she is still mother to my near 18 year old son. No matter what our relationship is like, I still treat her with respect and that’s the way it should be.  Yes of course their are agruements and disagreements, we didn’t get divorced for nothing, but respect has to be there.


As I said earlier I greatly admire my wife, as well as love her deeply. She is a strong independent woman who has changed how she does things since we became a couple. This isn’t a weakness, it’s a sign of respect for what we are as a couple. I too have changed how I do things, and again that’s not a weakness but a sign of the respect I have for my wife, partner and friend. We both have strengths and weaknesses within our relationship and we harness each other’s strengths to overcome our weaknesses.

Equal Partners

One final point and it may seem a bit trivial, I open doors and hold them open for my wife, this isn’t subservient, this is manners. Back home I have heard women complain to men about them holding the door open, saying silly things to the man, insulting even. These women don’t want equality, they want control, they are rude people throwing a mannerly action back in the face of the person who done it. I haven’t come across such actions here in the USA yet, and I must add, most people say Thank you when you do that. So be mannerly, be polite and show respect.

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